Are you Investor Ready?


The Prep4Sell assessment enables you to think about your exit strategy objective, to understand the readiness of your business for a future transaction and identify your strengths and areas of improvement to successfully increase your saleability and the valuation of your firm.

The “4Ps” methodology has been developed, by, for and with entrepreneurs around 4 dimensions: Purpose – People – Process – Performance.

Key Objective - Alignment

  • Shareholders alignment? Timeframe, valuation, personal expectations, stage of development, specific objective…

  • Clients alignment? Reason for them to become client, reasons for them to leave, competitive advantage…

  • Staff and stakeholder alignment? Personal and professional expectations…

  • New partner alignment? Investment thesis, strategic rationale, synergies…


Key Objective - Discipline

  • On the business versus in the business

  • Quality control, risk management

  • Key ratios and procedures


Key Objective - Non-dependency

  • Attract, train, retain

  • Intellectual property generation

  • Compensation policy

  • Loyalty and performance


Key Objective - Scalability

  • Business model?
    Visibility, annuity versus project driven, services versus products

  • Growth?
    Price or volume effect, clients portfolio, portfolio of offering

  • Profitability?
    Restatements, expectations versus current

  • Valuation and deal structure