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SCD Advisory has assembled a National Network

of sector experts to leverage their expertise 

and offer our clients a unique value-added project-based resource

Susanne Bransgrove.png

Brisbane, QLD

Susanne Bansgrove

Family Business Expert

Susanne is a family business specialist who 
understands the governance and transition 
dynamics of private companies.


Melbourne, VIC

Melissa Field

Risk & Governance Expert

Melissa has held various positions of NED in fast growing firms, leveraging her experience at a Big4.


Sydney, NSW

Peter Wade

Financial Services Expert

Peter is an independent consultant and board advisor within the financial services industry. He has several years of experience in the financial industry including 25 years at Goldman Sachs.


Sydney, NSW

Frederic Leforestier

TIC (Testing, Inspection, Certification)  Expert

Frederic is now an investor and board member in fast-growing businesses. After 20 years in the TIC industry, he sold his business to Intertek and became their Australian CEO.


Sydney, NSW

Kelly Morton

Debt Advisory Expert

Kelly worked for NAB (leverage finance) and UBS (leverage and acquisition finance) for more than 10 years before launching Skye Capital which is dedicated to debt advisory.


Sydney, NSW

Frederico Bettini

Cyber Security & Industry 4.0 Expert

Federico is an entrepreneur with a solid experience in general and growth management of asset intensive industries.


Melbourne, VIC

David Martin

Architecture & Design Expert

David has held various C-suite roles in engineering, design and architectural firms, including guiding those through an M&A event.


Melbourne, VIC

Eric Chin

Legal Practice Expert

Eric has an expert knowledge of the legal practice markets in ANZ and Asia, as a consultant and a sector specialist.


Sydney, NSW

Karen Isely

People & Culture Expert

Karen enables a successful M&A deal by developing leadership capabilities and managing effective corporate culture during integration.


Sydney, NSW

Anuradha Raja

Private Equity Expert

Anuradha has extensive experience in Private Equity in the Australian and Indian markets.


Sydney, NSW

Andrew Madden

IT Services Expert

Andrew is a consultant specialised in business transformation and project financing in the IT, telco and softwares indusries.

Binu Katari.png

Sydney, NSW

Binu Katari

Engineering Expert

Binu has spent more than 30 years at SKM in various roles with a specific involvement in M&A deals. He is now a director for private businesses.