SCD Advisory has been created to help entrepreneurs develop their consultancy
in Australia and New Zealand to successfully deliver an M&A operation:
From corporate strategy, to financing and acquisition or exit strategy

Strategy Advisory

You would like to be prepared for a future transaction, or optimise the performance of your consultancy.

You value an external and expert’s perspective to implement changes in line with an agreed strategy.

Capital Advisory

You would like to optimise your financing structure to align it with your corporate strategy.

You value an independent adviser to find the right allocation between capital and debt, between self financing and welcoming a financial investor.

Deal Advisory

You wish to acquire a business or sell your firm by finding the right partner or merge with another organisation.

You value an independent, highly experienced advisor with an intimate market knowledge to deliver Your deal. 


Our Input and Solutions

  • Shareholder alignment

  • Management coaching

  • Corporate strategy

  • Operational action plan

  • Investor readiness (pre-deal)

  • Integrator (post deal)

Our Input and Solutions

  • Raising capital

  • Debt financing

  • Private equity

Our Input and Solutions

  • Sell-side mandate

  • Buy-side mandate

  • Merger analysis and delivery

Our Business Model

  • Workshops

  • Prep4Sales assessment

  • Consulting assignment

  • NED role

Our Business Model

  • Consulting assingment

  • Retainer fee

  • Commission capital raised

  • Co-investment

Our Business Model

  • Retainers fee

  • Success fee